Each day we make choices. To serve or not serve. Pride or humility. Obey or rebel.  Engage or disengage.

The ramifications of these core choices are generally not gray, but are instead black and white. On our judgment day we will be told by God one of two things: “Well done good and faithful servant!” or “Be gone wicked and slothful servant!”

Each day through free will we have the opportunity to obey the will of God by choosing “Serviam” or “Non-Serviam.”   We declare, “Serviam!” 

“Serviam” or “Non-Serviam.”

The single-greatest act of rebellion was Lucifer when, through pride, he declared to God “Non-Serviam” (I will not serve).  Fortunately, St. Michael the Archangel, through humility, declared to God “Serviam” (I will serve).   A great battle in Heaven ensued where St. Michael defeated Lucifer.   Banished from heaven, the great deceiver roams about this world seeking to devour souls disobedient to the will of God. 


Pride or Humility.

To most casual observers much confusion exists in today’s Catholic Church.  Some would go so far as to say there is a prevailing culture of rebellion in the Church.  Pride is the worst sin of all, and the most ridiculous as the proud man is always vainly striving to dethrone God.  This age of intellectual pride manifests itself through clerics, theologians, scholars, and political operatives who, conceited with a modernist spirit, distort traditional Catholic social teaching to suit their own nefarious agendas.     

Obey or Rebel.

Wikileaks exposed the plan of the progressive left who wish to subvert the Catholic Church via a “Catholic Spring” (i.e., a Catholic Rebellion).  American Catholics will not act until they see and understand the subversion. The Catholic Spring will do to the Church what the Arab Spring did to the Middle East.

Engage or Disengage.

Lay people, everyday Catholics, are essential to turning this situation around.  In this Catholic Moment the lay faithful must take action to advance and preserve authentic Catholic Social Teaching.

Serviam exists to:

  • Advocate for the vulnerable
  • Counter the misappropriation of Catholic social teaching
  • Shut down the false narrative of Catholic social teaching
  • Force the progressive hierarchy to play defense
  • Counter the moral equivalency Catholics. (Defend the vulnerable from the moral equivalency “Catholics”)
  • End the false respect of those distorting church teaching
  • Offer an alternative to the mainstream Catholic publications
  • Eliminate the confusion sowed by the Catholic left (John Podesta’s, etc.) (Political Left in the Church)
  • Cauterize the Progressive Catholics (Podesta, Palmieri, etc.)
  • Be outspoken in urging the Bishops to be a true voice for vulnerable by teaching the firm, traditional teachings on life and family
  • Motivate the faithful Catholics to take back their church from the wolves in sheep’s clothing that have hi-jacked authentic Catholic social teaching

Serviam’s Core Values

  • Faith - Intellectual Honesty
  • Hope - Joyful Perseverance
  • Charity - Fraternal Correction
  • Fortitude - Holy Tenacity
  • Humility - Serving God, not man