San Domenico School Denounces Catholic Heritage in Wake of Antifa Attacks

HONOLULU, HI – A Catholic school in California has drawn major media attention after it decided to rid the campus of its Catholic curriculum and statues, pushing to create a more “inclusive” environment.

The San Domenico School is dissociating themselves from their traditional Catholic heritage after removing a majority of their 180 Catholic statues and icons. They plan to remain “Catholic” but significantly less so, in hopes of welcoming a  broader majority of students and their families.

“This is an attack on traditional Catholic heritage, and a direct response to the growing political tensions throughout the country, and incidents like the attacks on conservatives at Berkeley. The San Domenico school publicly denounced their faith in hopes of attracting potential students of all faiths,” said Jason Jones, Co-Founder and President of Serviam.

“With hate groups like Antifa instilling fear in America, especially in Catholics, there’s no doubt that identity politics played a role here. Among other things, the Ku Klux Klan was founded to terrorize Catholics, and lynch their priests; Antifa seems to be following suit, utilizing intimidation tactics to eradicate history.”

“There is an absolute demand for Americans to stay rooted in their faith, it’s a cornerstone of our country’s longstanding values. A school should never feel so threatened by society to the point of removing pieces of the foundation of the Catholic faith from the curriculum. San Domenico should feel open to welcoming students into a Catholic environment and creating conversations, not eliminating it based on intimidation and identity politics stemming from terrorist organizations like Antifa.”

Serviam is made up of faithful Catholic laity actively sharing the true principles of Catholic Social teaching in the political life of our nation. They aim to make authentic Catholic social teachings accessible in the most creative way possible, by encouraging prayers, fasting, penance, and love for one’s neighbor.

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