HONOLULU, HI – “In Steven Bannon’s 60 Minutes interview tonight he went where most Catholics don’t go- criticizing the Bishops.  That’s a very sore place in American Catholic life and leadership.  Most progressive Bishops are happy to lead their flocks down paths they shouldn’t- and Bannon called them out on it. The Bishop’s visceral recoil was expected:  ‘Who are you to criticize us?’ said Jason Jones, co-founder and President of Serivam.

“The United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) can pretend that Catholic teaching demands open immigration–as it does not, see our Catechism–and win the praise of liberal media, Wall Street, and immigrant activists, while keeping Catholic “charities” well-funded by federal money,”

“Bannon was correct to point out that on matters of doctrine, the Pope and the Bishops lead.  On matters of policy, it is faithful, tax-paying Catholic citizens who must step up and lead.” said Jones.

Serviam is a faithful Catholic laity actively sharing the true principles of Catholic Social teaching in the political life of our nation. They aim to make authentic Catholic social teachings accessible in the most creative way possible, by encouraging prayers, fasting, penance, and love for one’s neighbor.

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